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This Gunman VR Game Just Got Too REAL..


This Gunman VR Game Just Got Too REAL..

Today I escaped from supermax prison and crashed on a strange island in the middle of the ocean. The people who live here seem strange.. But I am STRANGER…LEGO!! Join this channel to access the benefits: SUBSCRIBE to become a PIRATE – This is a Half Life Alyx mod that you can download from the Steam Workshop. It’s called “Return To Rapture 2” 🙂 MERCH – GET ME THE CAPTAINS CHAIR, SPEAKERS AND KEYBOARD HERE – Follow me on TWITCH – Become a WTP patron here ~ Watch me live – Follow Tweet me on TWITCH – Support the channel for FREE here! – Click to subscribe and become a pirate! ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Join the community! Twitter – Discord – Facebook – Instagram – Twitch.TV – Business – bennyboi1987@hotmail.co.uk This Gunman VR game just got too REAL. ~- Please watch: “This Gunman VR game is hyper-realistic”.

This Gunman VR Game Just Got Too REAL.. “, the source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ghN4z9ZREI

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