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South of France Haircut


The South of France haircut is a type of Mohawk hairstyle made popular by Usher Raymond and his barber Curtis Smith. Specifically, the South of France hairstyle combines a burst fade with a mohawk (or fohawk) to create a cool cut and style. Close cousin of the frohawk, the south of France also bears the name of “gentleman’s mohawk”.

How to get a haircut in the south of France

This modern, cool fade mohawk blend is awesome because it allows for a lot of variety and customization. Although traditionally a haircut for black men, the cut and style can be applied to any type of hair. Additionally, men can choose to get low, medium, or high skin fade on the sides and then taper the neck. You can even ask your hairstylist to trim a part or hairstyle for you.

Ultimately, Usher’s southern France mohawk may be your hairstyle inspiration, but you can get and style the haircut however you want! Check out frohawk’s stylish fades below before your next visit to the barber!

Haircut from the south of France

Fresh melt from the south of France

Fade out from the south of France

Best fondue in the south of France

Looped Mohawk from the South of France

Fresh Burst Fade Mohawk

Skin Fade Mohawk with Line Up

Low burst fade with Frohawk

Curly Burst Fade Frohawk with Neck Taper

Southern France haircut with design

Frohawk with skin fade

Bald Burst Fade with Thick Mohawk

Burst Fade Mohawk with design

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