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Six DIY 1-Minute Bandana Hairstyles


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This week we wanted to share with you a hairstyle tutorial that shows several different ways to wear a bandana, each taking less than a minute to do!

Six DIY Bandana Hairstyles in 1 Minute |  Cute Girl HairstylesI imagine many of you are trying these hairstyles, especially because the simple bandana accessory can really make a typical outfit absolutely adorable!

I wore a Mickey Mouse baseball t-shirt that day, with a denim capri and red Converse sneakers. Adding a little lipstick and this bandana really made the outfit up and I got compliments all day long {even though my twins said I looked like a 13 year old girl}!

What I love about bandana hairstyles is that there are literally dozens more that you can do! One of my all time favorite beauty vloggers, and a good friend of mine, is Kandee Johnson, and she really knows how to rock hat and bandana styles!

Hope you enjoy!

Items Needed: Brush, rattail comb, curling iron, heat shield, spray bottle, 1 bandana, 1-2 hair ties, 2-3 bobby pins, hairspray {if desired}.

Required time : Each takes about 1 minute

Competence level: Easy

Step by step instructions:

I started each style with 3rd day curls in my hair after using my NuMe 25mm wand. Start by folding the bandana …

  • Fold the bandana in half, making sure to bring the two points together, but not completely, to create a triangle shape.
  • Then take the longer side and fold the bandana three times for a thicker headband {or in half and then in half for a thinner headband}…
  • Make sure the open folded edge is pointing upward when wrapping the bandana around your neck.

Style # 1: Bandana with bangs

  • Remove part of your front bangs from the rest of your hair …
  • Pull the bandana up and tie it in a square knot lightly on one side of your head {watch the video carefully to see how I tie the ends of the bandana to get the perfect look of the ends of the bunny ears}…
  • Tease your crown hair to add volume behind the bandana headband.
  • Add hairspray, as desired.

Bandana with bangs |  Cute Girls Hairstyles

Style # 2: Side ponytail bandana

  • Secure this hair with an elastic in a low ponytail.
  • Let go of the hair to add an element of texture and softness to the look {you want a more tousled look}…
  • Add a bobby pin to any stray strands or layers that have fallen from the back …
  • Add hairspray, as desired.

Side ponytail bandana |  Cute Girls Hairstyles

Style # 3: Bandana with messy side braid

  • Using Style # 1 as a base, start a very subtle and gentle twist behind your head to help secure shorter layers in the hairstyle …
  • When the twist reaches your opposite shoulder, divide the hair into three sections…
  • Start a normal 3-strand braid …
  • Secure the end of the braid with an elastic …
  • Loosen the braided hair a bit to add softness …
  • Add hairspray, as desired.

Bandana Messy Side Braid |  Cute Girls Hairstyles

Style # 4: Bandana with front puff

  • Start with loose, curly hair …
  • Make a deep end on one side of the head …
  • Push the hair to one side, towards the back of the head {you can tease the bangs to add more volume if your hair is thin or straight}…
  • Now secure the bandana on the head in the same way as the styles above. When you tighten the bandana it should puff up the bangs area a bit creating a subtle pouf in front of the bandana {the video shows you how}…
  • Add hairspray, as desired.

Bandana Hairstyles |  Cute Girls Hairstyles

Style # 5: Bandana With Solid Bow

  • Secure the bandana exactly as in style # 4 …
  • Instead of letting the ends of the bandana hang loose, tuck each end under the bandana {this creates a simple headband look for those who don’t like hanging bunny ears}…
  • Add hairspray, as desired.

Bandana Bandana Solid Knot |  Cute Girls Hairstyles

Bonus style # 6: bandana bow

  • Secure the bandana exactly as in style # 4 …
  • Now fold each rabbit ear of the bandana in half and tuck the end into the knot.
  • It creates a little knot in the hair that looks just lovely.
  • Add hairspray, as desired.

Bandana Bow Headband |  Cute Girls Hairstyles

Video tutorial:

Please feel free to drop me a comment below to let us know what you think of these bandana hairstyle tips! As always, if you loved this hairstyle, feel free to share it!

Good hairstyle!

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