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Black Girls vs. Korean Makeup | Most Of Miree


Black Girls vs. Korean Makeup | Most Of Miree

hey babysss email – mostofmireesmanagement@gmail.com tags #MostOfMiree #KoreanMakeup timestamps intro 0:00 – 1:07 miss darcei & kennie jd 1:08 – 2:04 korean makeup vs american makeup 2:05 – 5:16 makeup versatility 5 :18 – 8:34 miss darcei: racism, impact & representation 8:35 – 12:36 oli London 12:37 – 3:20 aesthetic exploration & beauty 3:21 – 4:25 outro 4:26 – 5:08 channels mentioned @Kennie JD @MissDarcei socials Second Channel Main Instagram instagram.com/taylormiree Pinterest Tik Tok Spam Instagram instagram.com/mireesdiary .

Black Girls vs. Korean Makeup | Most Of Miree “, the source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0TGFXSnfmk

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